A note about our TravelEase Trolley Sleeve Duffle Bags.

A note about our TravelEase Trolley Sleeve Duffle Bags.

I ordered two TravelEase Trolley Sleeve Duffle bags back in September. They are beautiful, roomy and sturdy. My daughter and I even used them on a 24-hour flight as our one and only pieces of luggage per person. I got horribly sick and set them to the side until this morning. I'm getting on a plane today and decided to use one of the bags since it matches my luggage
Well, it doesn't fit over the handle of my suitcases, checked or rolling.
I tried it on my daughter's suitcases, and it fits.
The difference between the two handles isn't even that noticeable but it counts a lot.
So, I measured the handles of the two different sets of luggage and discovered that my handle is 6 1/2 inches across the top and my daughter's is only 6 inches. It does fit snugly on top of my luggage and the sturdy handles can be draped over the suitcases handle so it still operates as intended.

Please measure the top of the handle on your rolling suitcase or briefcase intended for use with the TravelEase Trolley bag. The pocket is designed to accommodate handles of 6 inches or smaller.  Draping the sturdy handles over larger handles replaces using the sleeve.


- Bri

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