Exploring the World of Stylish Bags: Custom design, made to order Purses Demystified

Exploring the World of Stylish Bags: Custom design, made to order Purses Demystified

The popularity of purse styles can change over time due to evolving fashion trends and personal preferences. However, certain purse styles have remained popular and enduring throughout the years. Here are some of the most popular purse styles: 

Vegan Leather Tote Bags

Tote Bag: Tote bags are spacious, open-top bags with parallel handles. They are versatile and suitable for various occasions, from everyday use to shopping or travel. Tote bags typically have a large main compartment, making them ideal for carrying essentials and providing easy access to items.  Recently, leather, and vegan leather tote bags have been designed to look more like large, stylish purses and come with top zippered closures.  While canvas and cloth totes have retained their traditional design of being open top. 

Shoulder Bag or Underarm Bag

Shoulder Bag or Underarm Bag: Shoulder bags or Underarm bags feature a single or double strap designed to be worn over the shoulder. They come in different sizes and shapes and are often used for everyday purposes. Shoulder bags can be structured or slouchy, and they provide a stylish and convenient option for carrying personal items.  Small shoulder or underarm purses have proven to be ideal for women with chronic shoulder and neck pain as they restrict the number of items that can be carried inside them – they lighten the load.  Note: I like the security of a small shoulder or underarm bag.  It sits nestled snugly under the arm between the arm and upper torso giving the impression that its owner is always aware of its location. 

Woman wearing a crossbody purse

Crossbody Bag: Crossbody bags have long straps that allow the bag to be worn across the body, distributing the weight evenly. They offer hands-free convenience and security. Crossbody bags come in various sizes and are popular for their practicality, especially for those who prefer a more secure and comfortable way of carrying their belongings.  Crossbody bags are another option for women with shoulder, neck, or upper back pain.  Even though more and larger items can be carried within these bags, the distribution of weight across the body eases the load.  Note: I like the security offered by Crossbody bags, it is harder to grab a purse that is sitting across the body than a long-strapped bag laying on one shoulder. 

Clutch: Clutches are small, handheld bags without straps or handles. They are Satchel bag with strap removed to wear as a clutchtypically used for formal or evening occasions when carrying only essential items, such as a phone, wallet, keys, and maybe a lipstick. Clutches often come in elegant designs and may feature embellishments or be made of luxurious materials. 

Lady's Night Saddle Bag hanging on an antique anchor in the Dominican Republic

Satchel or Saddle Bag: Satchels or Saddle Bags are structured bags with a top handle and a long shoulder strap. They often have a flap closure and multiple compartments, making them a practical choice for those who need organization and a touch of sophistication. 

Backpack Purse: Backpack purses combine the Backpack pursefunctionality of a backpack with the style of a purse. They are smaller and more compact than regular backpacks but offer the convenience of hands-free carrying with the added fashion appeal of a purse. Backpack purses are popular for their versatility, especially among those who require a balance of style and practicality. 

These are just a few examples of popular purse styles, but there are countless variations and designs available, allowing individuals to choose a style that suits their personal taste, lifestyle, and the occasion. Fashion trends may influence the popularity of certain styles, and individual preferences can vary widely, leading to a diverse range of purse styles in the market.

 - Bri 

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