Shipping Options

Shipping Options

During our launch celebration, 3 Gen Handbags and More will be offering free standard shipping.  If you need expedited shipping, there is an additional fee.  The express shipping fee is determined by the item(s) ordered. 

The following blog post will help readers and shoppers understand the different shipping modes and fees.


Sabia’s Enchanted Shipping Quest: Finding the Perfect Delivery 

Once upon a time, in the enchanted land of Online Shopping, there lived a young woman named Sabia. Sabia loved to order magical treasures from her favorite online store. But she faced a dilemma - the Three Shipping Fees. 

First, there was Economy Shipping, a sly trickster. It whispered promises of low prices, but oh, the wait! It added 22-45 business days to her order, and Sabia feared she'd grow old waiting. 

Next, she tried Expedited Shipping, the fastest in the kingdom. It was as quick as lightning, dangling a mere 3-5 extra business days to an order, but it cost more than her treasures themselves! Sabia was left with an empty pocketbook, feeling as though a bear had emptied her coin purse. 

Then came Standard Shipping, with fees that were modest and delivery times of 7-15 business days. It was the perfect balance of cost and speed; it was just right! Sabia rejoiced, for she found a shipping fee that was fair and brought her treasures in good time. 

3 Gen Handbags and More offers the following shipping options: 

  • Standard
  • Expedited 

The choice depends on your budget and timeline for delivery. 


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