The Extraordinary Purse: Unveiling the Unassuming Superhero Within

The Extraordinary Purse: Unveiling the Unassuming Superhero Within

Her purse was my superhero

Bags are ubiquitous and practical for all individuals. They are available in a range of designs, spanning plastic or paper shopping bags, purses, backpacks, diaper bags, tote bags, and travel bags. Bags fulfill numerous roles being especially invaluable for carrying necessities such as phones, wallets, keys, and other essentials. Moreover, bags, like handbags or purses, play a crucial role in emergencies, as they can store vital supplies for unexpected situations. 

A generously filled, oversized purse once played a crucial role in saving my life. On a trip to attend my nephew's college graduation, my twin brother, my children, and I journeyed to another state. While enroute to the ceremony in a cramped car, we playfully poked fun at my daughter for her remarkably large purse. "What could you possibly be carrying in there?" we chuckled. To our surprise, she began extracting a variety of items, ranging from the usual suspects like her phone, wallet, keys, and makeup, to unexpected things like a first aid kit. 

After the graduation, the family dined at a restaurant. Opting for a dish I had enjoyed many times before at similar eateries; I noticed a difference this time but ate without complaining. An hour after finishing the meal, as we resumed our journey home, I began to display signs of anaphylactic shock. It became evident that I was experiencing an allergic reaction to the food I had consumed. Acting swiftly, my daughter emptied her spacious bag, swiftly retrieved Benadryl and water, and administered them to me. My twin brother drove us to the hospital. 

The ER doctor later informed the family that, had it not been for the timely administration of Benadryl, I would not have survived the ride to the hospital. 

No one jokes about my daughter’s big purses anymore.

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- Bri 

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