The Pursuit of Purse-onality!! Bagging Trends in 2024

The Pursuit of Purse-onality!! Bagging Trends in 2024

Hey there! So, I've been knee-deep in the handbag world, checking out what's hot for 2024, and it hit me – maneuvering through the custom-produced-upon-order industry can be a bit of a challenge when you're chasing trends. Why, you ask? Well, the options available to retailers like 3 Gen Handbags and More are somewhat restricted, our production partners aren't exactly trend-chasers. Many new fashion and handbag trends are simply short-lived fads.  Our production partners work with timeless and enduring product designs not fads

Now, for a Fibro Diva like me, it's a bit of a conundrum. But here's the twist – why be a trend chaser when you can be a trendsetter? Even if we can't serve up the latest fad on a silver platter, we sure can give it a nod with our killer designs.  For this one, I had to put on my Fibrocop hat and dive into the world of research and investigation. It’s been fun, reminded me of my Paralegal days doing research for my lawyer boss’s big legal briefs.  Now, let me confess, I've never really been the trend-watching type, especially when it comes to fashion. I mean, I like what I like, and that's my style mantra.  However, the deeper I dive into the world of 3 Gen Handbags and More, the more it hits me – maybe I should take a little sneak peek into what the purse forecast looks like. So, here's the lowdown on some projected trends and a sneak peek at how 3 Gen is going to work its magic on them. 

Bag Trends For 2024 

As I delved into the world of purse trends for 2024, a couple of themes just kept popping up. You know, the ones that make you raise an eyebrow and go, "Well, isn't that interesting?" Here are the ones that really caught my eye: 

  1. Purse-nal Space Invaders: It's like these purses are on a mission to invade your personal space, but in a fabulous, oversized way. Extra-large clutches and Oversized Shoulder bags and extra-large clutches are set to hit the purse scene in 2024oversized shoulder bags are expected to be all the rage in 2024.  I don’t know how this trend will go over with women battling neck, shoulder, and upper back pain but our custom produced upon order Vegan Leather tote bags will make chic large shoulder bags. It's all about making a statement, and these purses are shouting it from the rooftops.  
  1. Hot, it's burning up, Hot!  Red is the new black in 2024Red Eye: Naw, we’re not talking about cheap early morning or late-night flights!  I’m looking forward to playing with red. Be on the lookout for red bags, and purses with touches of red. Click here for a peek at one of our 2023 red bags.  3 Gen Handbags and More is ready for a Red Hot 2024. Check back December 31, 2023, for the unveiling of our red line. 
  1. My heart will go on – my shoulder: Now, this one's a real heartstring-tugger. It's like, the heart has found a new home – on your shoulder, in theGet ready to wear your heart on your shoulder in 2024 form of a trendy purse. The trend dictates that the purse is shaped like a heart.  While we will be keeping our eyes open for local wholesalers offering designer heart-shaped bags, we will be working on custom designed AI images that honor this upcoming trend.  

There you go, three not-so-outrageous trends for 2024 So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the trendsetting world with us! Check out our latest creations and grab your piece of the magic at 3 Gen – because once our limited editions are gone, they're in the fashion abyss!

 - Bri 

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