Unleash Your Bag-a-titude

Unleash Your Bag-a-titude

The use of purses is often associated with women, while men typically do not carry purses. However, it's essential to note that fashion choices and preferences can vary widely among individuals, and there are no strict rules dictating who can or cannot use a purse. Historically, societal norms and gender roles have played a role in shaping these distinctions.

Traditionally, women were expected to carry personal belongings, such as cosmetics, accessories, and everyday essentials.  Purses became a practical and fashionable accessory to fulfill these needs.  Purses also evolved as a way for women to carry items while keeping their hands free, as opposed to men who often had pockets in their clothing for storage. 

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In recent years, cultural shifts and changing fashion trends have led to more gender-neutral styles and increased acceptance of men carrying bags beyond traditional wallets or briefcases. It is now common to see men using various types of bags, such as backpacks, messenger bags, or crossbody bags, to carry their belongings.  New dads are even carrying the diaper bags. Ultimately, the choice to use a purse or any other type of bag is a personal one, influenced by individual preferences, fashion trends, cultural norms, and practical needs. There is no inherent reason why men cannot use purses if they find them functional or appealing. The boundaries of gendered fashion and accessories continue to evolve, allowing individuals the freedom to express themselves and make choices based on their own style and convenience.

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